In June 2015, we provided clean water to Adadu community, a rural settlement with 500 inhabitants in Kwali Local Government Area close to Nigeria’s capital – Abuja. The primary source of livelihood for both men and women in the community is timber farming and trade. We responded to an article in Leadership newspaper online about settlements in Kwali Local Government that were in dire need of water.

Before this project, the community had two water sources, both of which are unhygienic for consumption. The first water source is a hand dug well which is located at the house of the community chief, and the second is a stream which is more than 30 minutes away from the community.


The stream, however serves the community more as the well dries out easily due to the harsh temperatures in Northern Nigeria. Furthermore, the stream, being a surface water source, is inadequately protected against different forms of contaminants including feces.


True Wellness International provided a hydraulic hand-pumped borehole in Adadu Community. Boreholes are holes drilled into the ground and completed by installing a vertical pipe (casing). The vertical pipes keep the borehole from caving, prevent surface contaminants from entering the borehole and protect any installed pump from drawing in sand and sediment. Finally, a filtration system is added to ensure that the water is good for drinking.

Also, notable on this project is the sole bad road which posed significant challenges. The youths in the community came out in numbers to manually level some gullies so the drilling truck could access the allocated land.


We worked very closely with the Kwali Local Government and the community leaders to execute this project.