Street Lights

Let’s take the Gospel into our Bay Area streets!

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Q. Who can join?
A. Anyone who has received Jesus Christ as their Lord & savior

Q. Do I need to be an experienced evangelists?
A. Nope! As long as you’re born again, the Holy Spirit can and will use you to spread this beautiful message of Love.

Q. What’s the structure of each outreach?
A. For each outreach, we will have a pre-evangelism meetup to pray and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. Then you will be grouped in teams of at least 2 people to hit the streets. Finally, we’ll reconvene to thank God and share testimonies of how God worked through us!

Q. How long is each commitment?
A. Please plan for 4 hours. 1 hour for pre-evangelism meetup, 2 hours on the streets and 1 hour for poste-evangelism meetup

Q. What should I expect from this?
A. Expect the power of the Holy Spirit to work through you for the salvation of many! This is huge!

Q. Why Antioch?
A. We’ve been led by the Holy Spirit to start this outreach in Antioch. We plan to hit the streets of other Bay Area cities in the coming months, as the Holy Spirit leads

Q. What are the follow-up plans for the new believers?
A. Great question! We are working with local churches on this. First of all, we will be praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for our new brothers and sisters while out in the streets. Then they will be given an info sheet with a list of local churches/ministries and radio stations that will help them grow. With their permission, we will send their information to a local church of their choice for further follow-up. We will also follow up with the local churches to ensure that the follow-up is taking place.